Silver Gummy Foundation: Pioneering Change in Gender-Based Violence Education

The Silver Gummy Foundation, a leader in the field of gender-based violence prevention, announces its continued efforts and achievements in fostering a safer, more equitable society through intersectional feminist education. Dedicated to eradicating harmful gender stereotypes and promoting healthy relationships, Silver Gummy stands as a testament to the power of proactive education and community collaboration.

Mission and Vision

The Silver Gummy Foundation’s mission is to reduce sexual and domestic violence through education that challenges and reshapes harmful notions of masculinity and femininity, often formed during childhood. Focusing on youth, Silver Gummy cultivates self-esteem, respect for all genders, and a deep understanding of how to maintain healthy relationships. Recognizing the need for collaborative efforts, Silver Gummy emphasizes the importance of reciprocal relationships between research institutions, community programming, schools, and youth groups​​.

We try to establish long–term relationships and design evaluation processes that enhance our Grantees’ service offerings. By working closely with our Grantees, we get to know them and are better able to assess the success of their programs – ultimately reinforcing a Trust-Based philanthropic relationship. This also provides a sense of security for our Grantees; if there are challenges with the program, we are there to support and pivot.

Silver Gummy’s work ‘fills a gap’ by offering opportunities to innovate with new organizations who are looking for help. Being less risk averse than some other funders, Silver Gummy strives to learn through communication and collaboration – believing that “failed” programs always teach you something. This collaborative approach ensures a broad and lasting impact on societal attitudes and behaviors​​.

Funding and Impact

Silver Gummy actively seeks to fund innovative Canadian organizations that echo its mission. The foundation offers funding through its project-based grant application process, with an average gift of $20,000 per year for three years, tailored to meet the specific needs of each project​​.

As part of their commitment to reconciliation, the Silver Gummy Foundation has made it a priority to build strong relationships with Indigenous organizations whose mandate is to help rebuild positive gender identities for Indigenous youth through the reclamation of culture, epistemology and youth-driven participatory approaches to change. Indigenous, Alberta-based organizations Miskanawah Community Services Association, the Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth (USAY) and Creating Hope Society of Alberta were awarded Grants in 2023 and the foundation is actively seeking new organizations to fund through 2024.

Grant Application Process

Organizations working on educational programs to find solutions for sexual and domestic violence, are encouraged to apply for grants. The application process is designed to select organizations that align with the foundation’s values and objectives. Selected organizations are offered comprehensive support, including a detailed grant request process and collaborative opportunities with other stakeholders​​.

The Silver Gummy Foundation invites media contacts and interested parties to learn more about their impactful work and join them in their mission to create a safer, more respectful, violence-free society. For more information about Silver Gummy, visit our About Us page.

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