Congratulations to Our Newest Indigenous Grant Recipients!

We’re proud to announce that these organizations are the recipients of our 2024 Silver Gummy Indigenous Grant:

  • Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth (USAY) – for the project: Legacy Keepers: Celebrating Two-Spirit Heritage
  • Creating Hope Society of Alberta – for the project: Oskapewis Mentoring Project 


In 2023, Silver Gummy was given the opportunity to work with Indigenous communities and community leaders in order to connect with organizations looking to fund specific projects. After welcoming USAY and Creating Hope Society to our community of grantees last year, we’re so pleased to be able to provide them with another round of grant funding for the important work they are doing to end gender-based violence through education. 

Here’s a closer look at the projects these organizations are focusing on this year.

This project aims to celebrate and provide education around the identities and contributions of ten Indigenous Two-Spirit leaders, living and deceased, through an augmented reality card set that brings their stories to life. Two-Spirit youth will actively engage in researching the leaders and participate in educational workshops around the history and significance of Two-Spirit individuals. They will also receive compensation for their involvement and have the opportunity to consult with Elders. 

Through cultural rediscovery, educational empowerment, and youth-driven participation, the project promises to contribute to building positive gender identities for Indigenous youth, including a deeper understanding and appreciation of the sacredness of Two-Spirit identities. 

This project intends to help Indigenous male youth reclaim their Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Practices. The program will meet them where they are at and walk with them through various approaches to change, including the 7 Grandfather Teachings (Respect, Love, Honesty, Humility, Truth, Wisdom, and Bravery), The Medicine Wheel, and the Circle of Courage modalities. 

Accessing the Wisdom and Knowledge of Cultural and Ceremonial Keepers will help rebuild positive relationships with youth and support them by introducing the Traditional Role of Oskapewis, or “Creator’s Helpers” into their lives. The project will prepare Indigenous male youth to take the role of Oskapewis as it has been done with Indigenous cultural practices for thousands of years, and walk with them through a path of healing from intergenerational trauma and the impacts of colonization.

About Our Indigenous Grant Program

Silver Gummy works with an Indigenous review panel, a representative group of respected and recognized Elders and Knowledge Keepers from the Calgary urban community, Treaty 6, 7 and 8, and Métis Nation of Alberta. 

This panel is responsible for independently reviewing and evaluating Indigenous Grant applications for Silver Gummy, including assisting Silver Gummy in creating its Indigenous Grant application process and providing recommendations for how to attract funders and community organizations. 

For information about our 2023 Indigenous grant recipients, read this blog post

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