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Silver Gummy's Impact on Gender Based Violence

We fund organizations that focus on education as a way to combat gender-based violence.  We strive to cultivate self esteem, respect for all genders and an understanding of how to maintain healthy relationships.  

Our impact can be seen in the projects we have supported.


“Silver Gummy has supported Fast and Female by providing us with funding to support a collaborative program between us and Canadian Women & Sport. This was the first time our two organizations actually had an opportunity to co-develop and co-deliver a program together which was incredibly wonderful. We both work in the same sector and area but have different targeted audiences (policy makers/sport leaders/coaches vs. the girls themselves), so it was a wonderful opportunity to target both those audiences through one program. This allowed us to think outside of the box and get creative!”

- Fast and Female Supporting Women in Sport Foundation

“Silver Gummy has provided us essential funding to support our Violence is Preventable program (VIP). VIP is a public education and awareness program facilitated by the PEACE/Children Who Witness Abuse team that offers age-appropriate interactive workshops for elementary, middle and secondary school students. This program helps break the cycle of violence against women and children.”

- Victoria Women’s Transition House

“Silver Gummy has provided us with an opportunity to provide preventative and educational programming for children and youth related to Healthy Relationships and Bullying Prevention, both in schools and in the community.”

- North Rocky View Community Links Society (aka Community Links)

“The Silver Gummy Foundation was instrumental in supporting emerging work, our Girl’s Program, that continues to have significant community impact. The Foundation was willing to support us in developing, evaluating, refining, and offering the program more widely. The Girl’s program will have over 300 participants this school year. “

- Centre for Sexuality


Gender Based Violence in Sport

Silver Gummy Foundation is pleased to announce a NEW funding pillar addressing gender-based violence in sports.

If your organization addresses this issue, please send us a short email (no more than three paragraphs) describing what you do and what program you are seeking funding for.

Someone from our office will follow-up with you to learn more.

You can email us at


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Building Positive Gender Identities for Indigenous Youth

As part of our commitment to reconciliation, the Silver Gummy Foundation is building relationships with Indigenous organizations whose mandate is to create positive gender identities for Indigenous youth through the reclamation of culture, epistemology and youth-driven participatory approaches to change.

We recognize that change is only possible when research institutions, community programming, schools and youth have reciprocal relationships of teaching and learning.

For more information, please email us at

Silver Gummy is pleased to have assisted these organizations in removing barriers and providing education.

Get to know some of our past Grantees and the projects we have supported.