What is Silver Gummy’s Approach to Ending Gender-Based Violence?

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This is Part 2 in a two-part series, covering the effects and impacts of GBV. Part 1 defines and explains what GBV is and who is affected by it.

Silver Gummy’s mission is to reduce gender-based violence (GBV) through education with respect for all genders. 

We know that harmful notions of masculinity and femininity are largely formulated in childhood. That’s why we focus on youth whose outlook on gender is still developing. (It’s also partly why we chose the name “Silver Gummy” – read more about that here.) 

Here’s what informs our approach to the problem of gender-based violence:

  • We aim to cultivate self-esteem, a respect for all genders and an understanding of how to maintain healthy relationships.
  • We recognize that change is only possible when research institutions, community programming, schools and youth have reciprocal relationships of teaching and learning.

We look through the lenses of intersectional feminism and systems change, understanding that change needs to occur across individual, relational, community, group, and societal domains, and that inequalities and violence are compounded by overlapping social identities.

Our Grantees

As a foundation, we fund innovative organizations that focus on education as a way to combat gender-based violence, and that are willing to communicate and collaborate with other grantees and stakeholders. 

Our grants:

    • Address knowledge and awareness issues. Our then grantees lead workshops, cultural teachings, community or group formations, and research, which promote social-emotional learning, self-esteem and efficacy, self and social awareness, positive peer relationships, and gender and sexual diversity. 
  • Address the capacity, motivation, and cohesion of individuals, groups, and society. Our grantees then pursue training and skill development, community or group cohesion or coordination, and policy advocacy, which changes the capacity levels for individual or group action to address the problem of gender-based violence, and promote gender and sexual diversity. 
  • Fund the actions of individuals, groups, and society. Our grantees then carry out organizational assessments and workplace campaigns on diversity and inclusion, and promote professional capacity building as well as policy advocacy and social change initiatives. 

“The Silver Gummy Foundation was instrumental in supporting emerging work, our Girl’s Program, that continues to have significant community impact. The Foundation was willing to support us in developing, evaluating, refining, and offering the program more widely. The Girl’s Program will have over 300 participants this school year.” – Centre for Sexuality

As part of our commitment to reconciliation, we also strive to build relationships with Indigenous organizations whose mandate is to create positive gender identities for Indigenous youth through the reclamation of culture, epistemology and youth-driven participatory change. 

Indigenous grant applications are assessed by a review panel consisting of a representative group of 5 respected and recognized Elders or Knowledge Keepers from the Calgary urban community, Treaty 6, 7 and 8, and Métis Nation of Alberta.

Learn more about the impact of our work, or scroll down for additional reading and resources on gender-based violence. 

Sources and additional reading

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